Sing Shack Terms & Conditions for Parents and/or Pupils

  1. Payment of Lesson Fees

Sing Shack lessons run in line with Hertfordshire school terms. Lesson fees are therefore due in full either at the beginning of the full-term, or half-term, depending on chosen payment option. School holidays and bank holidays are not chargeable, unless there are lessons or recording sessions occurring by prior arrangement.

Invoices are sent two weeks before the end of each term, or half-term, depending on payment option. Payments can be made via bank transfer, PayPal, cheque or cash.

  1. Lesson Time Amendments

On the very rare occasion that a lesson slot needs to be changed, moved or cancelled by Sing Shack, we will endeavour to place the pupil on the next mutually convenient time slot.

If for any reason a suitable slot cannot be found within the term, arrangements will be made to secure an extra lesson in the following term. Failing that, a lesson credit will be issued against the following term’s fee.

If a pupil misses a lesson that has not been cancelled by Sing Shack, that lesson will be forfeited.

If we are advised that you/your child will not be able to attend any lessons in a forthcoming term, those lessons will not be chargeable, as long as we are advised before payment for that term is made.

3. Student Safety

Sing Shack is only responsible for the safety of pupils whilst they are on site during a lesson. Outside of this time, we are not responsible.

All pupils under the age of 16 need to be dropped off before lesson time and collected once the lesson is finished. If you are running late, please drop a message to the school or pupil to advise.

  1. Leaving Sing Shack

If you/your child no longer wishes to attend Sing Shack, this will only be possible at the end of a term.

If you wish to leave mid-term there will be no refunds given for any lessons remaining in that term.

Notice must be received in writing to info@singshack.com

  1. Amendments to the terms & conditions

Our terms & conditions are liable to change over time. Any amendments will be emailed to parents. If you disagree with our terms & conditions you can leave by giving a half-term’s notice in writing to info@singshack.com

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