From April 12th 2021, we are open for face-to-face lessons for everyone. Our Covid-19 procedures remain in place. See HERE for details.

Studio Procedure


On Arrival at the Studio

Rather than ringing the bell, as per normal, please call or message my mobile phone and I will let you in. I will be wearing a PPE visor and gloves for our protection.

Before entering the studio, I will take your temperature with a head thermometer and you will be required to use the provided hand sanitiser.

During Lesson/Recording Session

Once we are in the studio, you will be shown where to sit/stand for the duration of the session. There is a PVC partition separating the studio, of which we will be sat on either side of. There will be bottled water to drink and hand sanitiser should you wish to apply more.

Please remain in your designated space until the end of the session.

At the End of the Lesson/Recording Session

At the end of the session you will are required to sanitise your hands. I will wear my visor and gloves and open the studio door. I will open the gate and, maintaining social distancing, you will leave the premises.

There will be a longer gap between students as all equipment and surfaces will be sanitised and the studio thoroughly ventilated.

Risk Assessment


Due to restrictions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, we can only allow two visitors to Sing Shack at a time. This includes parents of students/popstars.

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